One would think that after 34 years in the field of education, that upon my retirement, I would probably resort to tutoring, or mentoring or something to continue in the field of education.

Well, believe it or not, my love went to the dogs. After having suffered a stroke which resulted in me having seizures, I was assigned a seizure alert animal. Princess Zoray, my min pin is trained to alert me before a seizure comes on. Be it as it may, I still travel a lot and go to a lot of events, and because I have a service animal she gets to travel with me. So, I decided to make sure that my Princess is dressed as royally as the service she provides. Using left over fabric scraps, or recycled clothing, I began to design several special items just for my Princess.
Princess Zoray a min pin came from a home where she had been badly abused by children. Her little frail body shivered and her eyes begged for security and it gave me the notion that her body needed additional warmth. Taking some old clothing, I began to recycle little outfits for her to keep her warm and she gladly received the extra clothing. The ideas for designs grew as Princess would prance about showing off her darling little outfits.

Her outfits got such rave reviews, that everywhere she went, people asked where her outfits came from. That was the birth of Princess Paws Couture, and I began to design specialty outfits for little dogs by order. Princess grew into a very confident loyal pooch and now serves me as a seizure alert animal in my daily life. Born on July 4th 2001 she is celebrated annually with the biggest birthday parties a girl can imagine. She is not referred to as a dog, as she is a royal companion. Her life is designed just for her. Everything is about the Princess.

She has her own bedroom adorned with a walk in closet, 65 pairs of shoes, a nail care center, carrier corner and leash hang out. Her meals are gourmet, and she eats in a high chair designed just for her. During our travels, she sits in her personally designed car seat, or flies in her booster seat when we go out of town.

On her cruise where we celebrated her 10th birthday, she had her own bed in her stateroom and was received royally as she toured the ship. Her favorite color is pink and she loves going to agility classes. She graduated valedictorian of her obedience class and takes pride in keeping her eye on my every move.

Princess loves people, but is still hesitate when it comes to small children being in her space. I introduce to some and present to others, the owner of Princess Paws Couture.

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